Sunday, July 9, 2017

New Animation!

Blogger works better than Wordpress in many ways. One is that Blogger allows video uploading for free. Sigh. 

Please check out my current active blog i.e. to gain some context to this animation video I made. Lalala. Will post more here soon, since this is the only space where I can be as random as I please. Haha. 

I do not own the music.

Much love,

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Note to my dearest followers.

Dear everyone,

I have been maintaining another blog- - for a while now. The platform has changed, my content of writing has changed, but my love for blogging is still the same. Sometimes it is difficult to hold on to things, especially when so much is happening around you, which is why I had to start a new blog with a fresh perspective. I urge all of you to check it out and offer feedback, and please do follow and subscribe if you like it!

I had an amazing time here, and as my first blog, I will always cherish the interest and support provided by my readers. I'm sorry for being dormant for SO LONG, but well, better late than never I guess.


Monday, March 16, 2015

The gratitude list.

So today morning, I set out on a mini-mission. Just out of the blue, I thought I'll take a walk around my neighborhood and try to get an approximate idea of the number of people who are smiling/seem happy. The results were not-so-happy.

If I were to draw a pie chart, this is what it would probably look like-

Now isn't that sad? Disregarding the made-up numbers and my attempt to seem mathematical in a seemingly math-lacking blog, it can be said without doubt that the majority of the people maintain a sad/neutral expression, suggesting that the general happiness level is low. Well there is this whole debate about having a neutral expression vs. making a smile your neutral expression, but that is not something I can get into at the moment (though I do feel that's an interesting debate and will definitely bring it up sometime later). 

If you're at a place where the general happiness seems low, how do you turn that around? By being happy yourself, you can spread happiness and be the angel of the area! If you're at a place where everyone is already smiling, well that is great! Let's try to maintain that.

I believe that one of the major reasons why the general happiness level of a particular place might seem low is because people are not grateful. If you are grateful, you feel happy, and maybe start by grateful of the little things in life.

So here are some little things I am grateful for/happy about (hopefully this will inspire you to create a list of your own!) -

1) Getting a new notebook- I spent the whole of the previous semester + half of the new semester using one notebook, and now that I have finally finished inking/pencil-ling all the pages, I can finally start using a new notebook! This notebook has uncrumpled pages, an ecstatic cover devoid of inkstains, spiral binding, and just the right amount of centimeters between the lines. Not to mention the smell of fresh paper!

2) Having an already-filled water bottle in my room- How annoying it is to go all the way to the water dispenser, stand there tapping toes, ensure the bottle is filled, and walk all the way back to my chair! I don't have to do that for another 2 days now! (jk, I meant 2 hours because I'm so wonderful and ever hydrated :)

3) Over my period- Need I elaborate on this, ladies? There are so many advantages of being off the monthly strife and rising amongst the altitude of normalcy. I won't have to deal with embarrassing sounds from my digestive system and pretend to have x10 terrifying cramps to gain sympathy and loads of chocolates from people who usually don't give a crap but are generally terrified of bleeding women. Also, I can totally re-engage in shameless carnal activities and/or pretend to say so to sound cool.

4)  My phone is still functioning- Oh, where would we be without our phones? Earlier today, I thought my phone died because the screen just suddenly went blank, but now it's back and working again. So glad to continue by nightly routine of stalking lives and gaining gossip via snapchat.

5) I will get 4 hours of sleep today, instead of the usual 3- Okay, maybe I did sleep for 8 hours for the past week, and today I'll just sleep for 4 it seems, but that is totally fine! Isn't it. Human beings are capable of surviving on 4 hours of sleep. Let me be optimistic. Dark circles are a sign of hardwork and a mysterious kind of beauty, and if it wasn't till now, I can totally change convention by pulling off this look. I'm sure there are more great things about my sleep timings.

6) I got my contact lenses on today on the first try- Usually, it takes me around 20 minutes because of my below average skills of wearing cosmetic equipment. When I can see properly, I can see all the happiness, and when I can see properly in less than 20 minutes, my vision captures even more happiness! Heh.

7) I'm still healthy- At the end of the day, even if a thousand things happen, isn't it great to still be healthy and intact? Okay, I did have a packet of chips just an hour ago. And a burger two hours ago. But at least I don't have narcolepsy or some other chronic illness! Man, so many things to be grateful for.

So that is it! My short list of things I'm grateful for. There are so many other little things to put here, things that we always take for granted but do matter a heck lot! So I'd recommend that you, too compile a list of gratefulness, and doing so everyday can keep you smiling every single day. Or every alternate day at least!

I promise to post more entries soon!
With affections and formalities (just to sound a little business-like in this informal domain),

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Belated bloggiversary!

You didn't think I'd forget about this, eh? ;)

Last year, I posted a bloggiversary entry 9 days late, and this year I'm posting one 9/3 months late. It seems that I'm getting more irresponsible every year.....

Anyhoo, I guess it is time to relive the moment and cherish the memories of this blog. Sometimes counting the years and looking back at the bald beginning is a real mood booster because it gives a sense of (no matter how fake it may be) how far this blog has come.

So this year, in honor of this 2 year long journey of my blog, I am attaching links to some of my most popular blog entries! I know this is not much, but I feel that looking back in hindsight can give a sense of the distance I have covered as a blogger and you as a reader. Maybe these entries will give you a sense of what my blog is really about, though my perspective and style as a writer will face changes throughout the years and there is no telling of where this is heading.
But visit these pages or revisit them because they will surely be entertaining. This could almost be my virtual Christmas present to my readers!

You might want to begin with my very first blog entry- Thoughts. {I made a BLOG!}

Why we love the Medical Industry could be next- with around 500 page views since the beginning of time, this page alone steals the show.

Followed by Extreme Doodling* and Girls vs. Guys- Facebook accounts, in which the pictures are missing, but hopefully not the zeal.

Then we have the new 2014 superstars-

The 10 phases of my eyebrows where I ramble about the shifting hairstyles of the mini mane on my forehead.
A packet of chips where I riot against food corruption like the hero I am.
And Delhi's road etiquette where I lament the streets because that's where I'm from. Or feel like I'm from, because of the pathetic-ness of my city.

And finally, I spoke to people who agreed on a couple of all-time favorites-

Bonus- My doodles- Probably a much better Christmas present from last year.
The insightful Elephant in the room?
Just to join the 'witty club' (okay that didn't sound witty at all)- Fun Insults
And to add to the destruction of love and various positive emotions- V-Day Special.

So here you have it! The entirety of my blog in just one entry. If I were you, I'd bookmark this page and refer back to it just to remind myself how capable a writer I am. (I just needed to convince myself that this entry is not a result of my lethargy- how easy is it to simply add links to various old entries!- and flatter myself because of my recent blogging inactivity).

Also, my sincerest apologies for the unavailability of pictures in several entries. They got deleted due to some utter foolish incident that I quite honestly haven't been able to move past to this day. Sigh.

Other than all this official talk, I'd just like to add how awesome this journey of mine as a blogger has been, even if this year's journey was a little shorter. *cue beautiful sanguine melody* I have nevertheless managed to learn a lot through blogging, and just this idea of having a place where I can ramble how much ever I want without being confined to word limits, topics, or language (hell yeah b!tches) (I'm still meek don't worry), has been so liberating and I have enjoyed every moment of it. I can't wait to continue this wonderfulness next year! 

It's been 2 years! Beloved readers, if I have grown, thank you for watching and supporting me.

Yours truly,

Monday, December 22, 2014

The Comeback Entry- Explanations and lies.

Dear esteemed readers,

I have shamelessly abandoned my blog for an accurate 3 months with no useful entry whatsoever and for that, I'm sorry. This entry is yet another one of my useless entries (unfortunately for you), in which I'll attempt to explain my lack of blog activity, which would mostly consist of lies.

So here is a list of the possible reasons for why I haven't been blogging. You may or may not believe them all.

  • Getting used to college- I have been drowning in work. If one assignment is finished 30 seconds before the deadline, another one has to be started (and completed) within the next fifteen hours. This could of course be blamed on my slacking nature, but it also has to do with the work we have and how busy I have been.

  • Writing for other purposes- It is possible that my guilt for not blogging has been lessened due to my employing of similar skills in other fields. For instance, I have been writing for my university's blog. I have been writing for professors. I have been writing for competitions, etc. So it is possible that I must have been filling this void of not blogging by replacing it with other related activities. I know, I'm a terrible person, nothing can replace you blog!

  • Short term language-memory loss- Due to an unfortunate accident (I ate too much paneer one night), I may have a glitch in my neurological functions which ceased any language or etymology to be remembered and propelled out of my vocal chords. As a result, I lost my ability to write or speak. I have been in the ICU for four days now. Today I'm feeling a little better so I asked one of the doctors to become my speakwrite and type this out for me.

  • Herpes diagnosis- The initial excitement of college life led me to experiment with various reckless activities. One of those activities has resulted in my diagnosis with herpes, for which I am currently undergoing treatment. The disease freaked me out and caused sores in necessary areas, and therefore I have refrained from blogging.

  • Writer's block- The past few months in college has forced me to confine my writing to academic and creative essays for which I require my textbooks and various other research methodologies. As a result, I have forgotten the simple task of blogging due to its informal and personal nature, and I can't think of much to say other than about Shakespeare's plagiarism, domestic sexuality, existentialist theorists, and a million other things that I can never kick out of my brain because they have been deemed unavoidable.

  • Laziness- When I do get some free time from my busy schedule, I spend it doing reckless activities (refer to Herpes diagnosis point) or catching up on sleep. Sometimes I sleep for so long that I feel tired even after waking up, thus restricting my day's activities to eating, brushing my teeth, and sleeping again. The thought of doing something this productive is just suppressed beneath all this lethargy.

  • Lack of access to internet- I have been travelling a lot in honor of my new profession as a photojournalist, which occurred soon as I discovered my unwarranted talent of taking pictures and my decision to stop attending college because I am a pro at what I do. Since my new profession and lifestyle requires a lot of travelling, I have to carry extra sanitary napkins and tampons, and survive without internet. 

  • Avoiding on purpose- My abandoning of the blog is part of a furtive mission that shall only be revealed the second I figure out what it is. The mission demands 3 exact months of blogging inactivity so that's why I have been trying to achieve the same.

So yes, these are some of the reasons for my blogging inactivity. This is pathetic, I know. What has life come to. Nevertheless, I just want to let you know that I have been checking out my statistics and visiting this page every now and then, and I am thoroughly impressed that I still get an insane amount of page views everyday, despite my blog being generally crappy. So thank you for sticking around, loyal readers!

As I fake-promise in pretty much every entry, I'm going to fake-promise once again that I will try to blog as regularly as possible. However, I can not predict how much time I'll get so please, please remain hopeful of a new entry in case I do become inactive once again, and believe me, my ideas are at their prime, I do have a bunch of stuff planned but I just hope I'll get time to execute them in the best way possible in order to do justice to this brilliant blogging platform and my brilliant readers.

PS- How many/which of these explanations do you believe are true? Is it fairly obvious? Comment below 'cause I want to know! 

Much gratitude (and excitement for blogging again!),

Sunday, September 21, 2014

How To: Procrastinate (like me).

Before I begin this entry, I'm super excited to share with you how a friend of mine (who takes pride in calling himself Zinghai) reacted to my previous blog entry by creating this lovely artwork.

This picture perfectly summarizes my blog, about how weird I am. It is totally relevant and has to do with something I had typed in that previous entry. Extra points for those who successfully decipher the relevance. 

So my sincere apologies for slacking and ditching my blog entirely for like. a month. I am aware that this is unacceptable, and I feel really quite miserable for not being able to find time. College is amazing. And by that I mean that though some aspects of college (like student life) is genuinely amazing, the workload is a-maze-ing. So amazing that I'm stuck inside a maze with a rapidly decreasing supply of maize. <-- Isn't my wordplay amazing? Or are you saying "ah-may-be"?

Crap, I'm addicted.

Anyhoooo, I think the whole purpose of this blog entry is to show you how weird I am and how I've just been procrastinating amazingly. Though I wonder who Zing Lee is. Ah-maybe he's Zinghai's cousin. OMG WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME

I think I'm having trouble focusing. I'm supposed to be typing this entry, but I'm thinking about various Oriental names now. Also, I'm thinking about shoeboxes.

^Ladies and gentlemen, that's how you procrastinate.
I'll post a better entry asap, I promise. I should probably get back to my amazing college workload and get something done.

Here's a link to my previous How To series post, which is also amazing btw.

MUCH LOVE, (Because if you still follow my blog, despite me posting only like once a century, you are seriously amazing and that word, buddy, has no pun intended, and only pure meaning filling it to the brim.)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Delhi's road etiquette.

I've spent pretty much my entire life in a third world city with all sorts of road traps and road shenanigans that have been building up this wall of anger that can never be torn down with love, but only with a bunch of bulldozers smashing into people's brains because they're STOOPID. Seriously, this is why India is losing tourists, this is why the rupee is depreciating, this is why people have bad impressions about Delhi. In fact, this is why you couldn't find your sock this morning and this is why they haven't discovered proper UFOs yet. These stupid Delhiites are the reason for any and every problem that humanity suffers from.

Disclaimer- I think I have a right to call Delhiites stupid because well, I'm a Delhiite as well. (Delhiite is such a funny word). Delhiiite. Del-hite. Delhi-ite. Kite. Dellkite. ANYWAY. I'm not calling all Delhiites stupid, but this is a blog entry based on years of experience and observation and analysis, so since I got the opportunity to really think about it, the people in this blog entry really are quite stupid. If you are one of these people, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to target you personally. I genuinely care about my city and I want to spread this awareness.

So please stop doing these things.

1) Pedestrians wearing earphones- WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? LIKE, SERIOUSLY, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? I'm so sorry for yelling, but this is the number one thing that pisses me off about Delhiites. I know that we are a young generation. I know that music is 'hip'. I know that we all have ipods and phones. But why, why do you have to listen to Pitbull while you're wading your way across the road, and not just any road, an Indian road?!

You know what, even the slow cows that cross the roads here are more alert than you are, because they don't have some stupid song blasting through their eardrums as they move their udders across the territory! Please, stop listening to your music, it does not make you cool. I promise, if you listen to music anywhere else, anywhere other than this cluttered city road, we will all think you're hot and ask you to date us. Also, you will remain alive. So please stop wearing earphones, it's effing stupid. Just please. Stop.

2) EVE-TEASING- WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM, ARE YOU DELUSIONAL, DO YOU HAVE X-RAY VISION, DO YOU HAVE TOURETTES SYNDROME, DO YOU THINK YOU'RE MACHO? Trust me, if you have a beard and a lungi you are macho enough, you do not need to pick on the women walking around. I am sick of all the horrible cases on TV, I'm sick of sick, horny men, I'm sick of everything. Even if the women cover themselves up in duct tape, these men will continue to whistle or say anything inappropriate to them. I don't get it, do you think that makes you cool? Do you do the same to your wife/sister/mother? Are you stupid? No one wants to come to Delhi anymore because it has become India's number 1 rape capital. Isn't that great, we're number one at something, finally! -.-

Speaking of 'Number one'...

3) People urinating on the roadside-  Scene- it's a beautiful day on the Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway as vehicles glide peacefully over the smooth road. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the smell of samosas light the air, the trees are swaying gently, the man is peeing. THE MAN IS PEEING. Fresh, hot, yellow, liquid fertilization for the swaying trees as they grow taller and taller so the singing birds can sit on them and fly around the area. Suddenly everything is disgusting. FIND AN EFFING TOILET!

4) Honking at the red light signal- If you do this, you are probably color blind. If you aren't, you shouldn't be driving. Have you heard the song "STOP says the red light, GO says the green?" I'll sing it to you if you want, while we wait.

 I don't get it, there are a bunch of us in our cars, waiting for the red light to turn green, and suddenly this obnoxious car comes behind us and starts honking. What do you expect us to do, put green tinted sheet over the traffic signal and drive off putting our lives and law at stake? THE LIGHT IS RED. Please go back to elementary school if you didn't get that. If you think the light is green, why don't you drive ahead, kill yourself in an accident, and have green blood flow out of you? Ugh, stupid people.

Also, if you are honking to make the car ahead of you go a little farther while waiting for the light to turn green, you should calm down because you can't get past that traffic signal anyway till the light turns green. And don't you worry, unless you have a dying person in your car, I'm sure you will reach your destination without much more than a scratch or a broken heart or a salary cut, rather than the possible loss of your life.

5) People on bikes checking themselves out in the mirror- So while you are sitting in your car in the middle of a traffic jam, you decide to look out of the window ...and see a man trying to make a mohawk while staring at you. Little do you realize that your car window doubles as a portable mirror for everyone! Damn, you should probably start charging these people for such wonderful, portable cosmetic facilities!

When people do this to me while I'm in the car, I like to roll down my window and give them a nice stare in the face. They still might not stop though, my pupils are probably reflective enough to double as a mirror too!

6) Bikes without silencers- There are different types of loudness on a Delhi road. Some are tolerable and typical, like people talking or cars honking. But then there is one sound that thunders above all the rest, stealing the show, creating a crater in your eardrum. It's a normal bike sound multiplied by 50. Oh who said it is excess H2O that makes you drown? It is the excess sounds from a bike that makes you drown under the road. Instead of the siren sounds in ambulance, just make one of these bikes go in front of you, and they will steal the show, making everyone avoid it like the plague.

7) The paan-spitting- Ever noticed the side of a pavement or a wall? They normally are painted white or black or yellow or purple or any color. Then you notice some red patches, and you think "Wow, is this some new design?" Red patches on surfaces are usually caused due to the unending, inevitable, deadly, paan spitting. In any other part of the world, your teacher would probably berate you for spitting gum, or spitting spit, or spitting food. But do you do that in Delhi? HECK no.

All these people (I don't want to target anyone, but it's usually the autorickshaw drivers that do this) stop their rented flivvers or their flying carpets in the middle of the road, take a long, saliva-soaked breath in, and discharge a scuttle of paan-red spit that stains any and every surface it hits upon. THIS IS SO ANNOYING. Not only is it unmannerly, but it also destroys the natural or manmade beauty of things. Instead of spitting on the road, maybe you could spit in a sink nearby, or a dump, or a trashcan, or your own face. Better yet, don't even have paan, unless there is a sink nearby!

 So that's my list of grievances that has hopefully come to your attention. I think if more Delhi people will read this, at least we'll have less of these pesky annoyances. Though I doubt the autorickshaw drivers would be very interested in reading any of this, except the really interested ones. I'll probably just email this to the government then, and hope this all gets better before I'm dead :)

Much love (and road safety),